About Us

Prevvio produces a Wi-Fi real time location service that acts as a “silent alarm” to pinpoint the source of a potentially violent emergency in a campus-sized facility.  Preventing violence in schools currently has an intense urgency in response to recent shootings including Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, PA and Reynolds High School near Portland, Oregon.  Despite the gridlock, politicians face mounting pressure to “do something.” Prevvio’s system enhances existing security, sidesteps contentious social issues, and delivers a world-class product.

The Technology

Co-founded by entrepreneurs Steven Siegel and Mark Metz, the Prevvio solution uses wearable sensors to turn classroom teachers and administrators into a Virtual Biosensor network.  The proprietary technology consists of 5 key components:

  • Real Time Location System, Leveraging Existing Wi-Fi Technologies
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Call Button
  • Management and Escalation Protocols

The Solution

Prevvio prevents a mass shooter from moving room-to-room undetected in the critical first minutes of an incident. The response team arriving at a campus or the school resource officer already on campus, doesn’t have to guess where the incident is:  Prevvio’s “heat map” display provides responders with tactical data in real time.  OF course, Prevvio does not assert that it can prevent all violence, but, similar to a bank silent alarm, it forever alters the risk-rewardd ratio of the aspirational shooter.  A Gun Free School Zone – both part of existing law and valued by many parents – no longer translates into “this campus is helpless.”

Market Size

There are approximately 99,000 public K-12 schools and 33,000 private schools in the U.S., with 3.3 million public classroom teachers, and 400,000 private.  Prevvio’s primary target customer is security agencies at the state and federal level pushing for a solution to school massacres.  Engineering estimates are approximately $150 per biosensor and approximately $75,000 per campus for integration (the per-campus number is highly variable because of both wide variations in campus size and the extent of Wi-Fi penetration across campuses).  The installation phase running over a 5 year period from proff-of-concept to blanket coverage, is roughly a $10 billion opportunity.

Management Team

In response to past incidents, the company’s founders first envisioned a wireless campus alert system over a decade ago; however, the technology was not sufficiently advanced at the time.  Knowing each other since childhood, the co-founders have determined that both the technology and market are ready for a solution of this kind.  The company also maintains a Board of Advisors complete with representation from the law enforcement profession.

Steven Siegel

CEO of Prevvio

As founder and CEO of Seagull Electronics, Inc., Mr. Siegel has unparalleled experience in deploying high-end electronic systems.  Mr. Siegel’s extensive, multi-state home automation business provides critical, firsthand knowledge of the issues involved with on-site deployments and maintenance.

Mark Metz

CTO of Prevvio

A mechanical engineer educated at M.I.T. and the University of Miami Graduate School of Business Administration, Mr. Metz is a veteran of the Army Corps of Engineers and has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur as a founder and CEO of MetroGuide.com, Inc.